Business Store Front Signs

While there are plenty of lessons to be learned from the mistakes I’ve made while putting up business store front signs, I’d like to focus on the types, size, and legibility. Putting some energy into your sign now will pay off later. Invest in a store front sign that is eye-catching, but doesn’t overpower the exterior. Read on to learn more. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Lessons learned

One of the first lessons to learn about store front signs is that the sign should be simple and concise. A short description of the business should be included, along with the name of the city and year the business was established. Then, a picture of the business, its signage, and its surrounding area, would be a good idea. Many people will only glance at your sign for a few seconds, so it’s important to make it as appealing as possible.


There are many types of business store front signs to choose from. There are custom decals for windows, wooden signs over the door, awnings, and even flashing LED signs. Choosing the right one for your storefront depends on the tone of your business. Copper lettering will look great on a posh gastropub, but a flashing LED sign will be more appropriate for a refurbished electronics store.


When it comes to business store front signs, size is key. The font should be large enough for customers to easily read it, but keep in mind that a larger sign will cost more. Also, consider zoning and rental restrictions when choosing the size of your sign. Ultimately, the size will determine whether customers will come into your business or not. Here are a few guidelines for size:


In order to attract customers to your business, you must make sure that your store front signs are legible. Your sign should be large enough to be read from various angles. It should also be contrasted well, which will make it easier for passersby to read the message. A proper contrast is crucial for readability, so choose a white background with dark letters. This combination will increase your store sales and increase your brand awareness.


A good storefront sign can add value to your business, attracting potential customers and increasing sales. There are several types of signs to choose from, including A-frame signs, fabric signs and chalkboards. Some signs can have humorous messages on them to make passersby stop and see what’s inside. The cost of a business store front sign depends on its style and its upkeep. For more details on signages ask a local Calumet City sing company near you.

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